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Frequently asked insurance questions

Question: Is it cheaper to put our teenager on their own driving policy or on the parent policy?

Answer: Generally, it is cheaper to put the teen on the parents’ policy, especially if the teen is a dependent. However, there is no age specification.

Question: Can you insure a vehicle that is titled in someone else’s name?

Answer: In some companies, yes. Some companies don’t care how it’s titled.

Question: If I am in an accident, but I did not receive a ticket, can I still receive points on my insurance?

Answer: Yes. You can be considered at fault even if no state citation was issued. The state may not assess any points, but your insurance company can still charge you more if they find you at fault, regardless of whether a ticket, accident or claim resulted. Insurance companies will charge based on your driving history. You would not receive points on your driver’s license if no ticket or violation was written.

Question: Will my insurance go up?

Answer: If you are considered at fault – and someone is always more at fault than others – whether or not you received a ticket, your insurance may increase due to the accident regardless of any claim made or any money that was paid by the insurance company.

Question: Can I file an SR-22 from the state I just moved from?

Answer: Yes. Some companies do state filings in other states.

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